Community Partners

best-web-toolCommunity Partners are the schools, law enforcement agencies, organizations, and community members implementing our programs at a grassroots level to youth in their sphere of influence. 

Web Wise Kids has trained thousands of Community Partners who have reached millions of youth nationwide. The following is a partial list of our partners:

Public & Private Schools in all 50 states

School Resource Officers

Police Departments

American Prosecutors Research Institute

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

California Highway Patrol, Northern Division

District Attorneys

Faith Based Organizations

G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training)

Governor Schwarzenegger’s After-School All Stars Program

High Tech Crime Consortium

H.T.C.I.A. (High Technology Crime Investigation Association)

I.C.A.C. (Internet Crimes Against Children)

PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

The Polly Klaas Foundation

The Salvation Army


Sheriff Departments

U.S. Attorneys

Attorneys General

American Association of School Librarians

Learning Point Associates (evaluator)

Military Schools

YMCA/YWCA Community Partnership

Jaymie Scotto and Associates

Katie Wagner Social Media

Join us in bringing Internet safety to your community.

If you are interested in bringing Web Wise Kids to your community, please contact [email protected].