• I applaud Web Wise Kids.  I have rarely seen a program that can be more effective in teaching children the potential dangers of the internet.
  • I really enjoy the fact that the games feature real people rather than animated characters. It makes the game seem very real.
  • Thank you very much for developing a strong program in which my child could learn about the dangers and characteristics of child predators. With your program, we not only educated our child but it also helped me to become aware of what could happen.
  • The MISSING game is amazing. It gave me a way to teach my child a valuable lesson in a fun yet realistic way. I can truly say that my child learned something. She had no idea about the dangers out there.
  • The MISSING game helped my daughter to realize that not everyone was their “friend” on the Internet. She also realized how important it is to report anything that she feels uncomfortable with.
  • As a police officer for 11 years who has worked several missing child cases, I know the importance of Child Safety. The Key element to Child Safety is education. The MISSING game has proven to be an effective and fun tool to use to educate kids.
  • This game is an invaluable tool that will probably save the lives of many children. I cannot thank you enough,
  • This is an excellent resource for law enforcement, teachers and parents to reach fifth through ninth grade students and to let them know what can happen and how perpetrators can manipulate them. With the increase of Internet crimes against children, it is crucial that the message be brought to every child in the most effective way possible. The MISSING game does just that. 


Cindi Payne, Holub Middle School, Houston, TX

“I love this game!  I have overheard my students discussing it and telling their friends what they should be wary of online. The kids had a great time playing the game and it definitely has made them more aware of the true dangers of Internet predators than I could have ever managed by just talking to them. I wish that every school in my district had access to it. Thank you!”

– Linda Kay Clinton, Guthrie Public Schools, Guthrie, OK

“One of my students, a 13 year old girl, had attempted to meet someone she had met online, but her grandmother stopped her. After playing MISSING she said she realized how dangerous this was.”

– John Roberts, Counselor, Oklahoma City Public Schools

“Most adults have no idea as to what occurs in cyber space. Often adults rely on children for direction and guidance on computer usage. Unfortunately, that’s how so many children are taken advantage of by on line predators. MISSING allows children to empower themselves with knowledge and skills to avoid the online dangers that parents and other adults don’t know how to defend. This game is one that all children should be exposed to. Thanks so much for allowing our school to be a part of the program.”

– Linda Martinez, Henry Martin Middle School, San Antonio, TX

“My students get very involved in the role play and take the task very seriously. They notice and bring to my attention every time an online predator is mentioned on the news. They really enjoy this part of our Internet Safety Unit.”

– Dennis Bandy, Davidson Middle School, Southgate, MI

“This was one of the best tools at teaching children real life education and safety by using a format they enjoy. It spoke louder words than any teacher or parent could say.”

– Debra Smith, Cement School, Cement, OK

“This opened up my students’ eyes to the fact that there really are people out there pretending to be their friends who just want to hurt them. This was really brought home when two of my students admitted to being in some of the situations represented in the game.”


Victor Vieth, Director of American Prosecutors Research Institue

“I enthusiastically support our participation in this project because of the immense and immediate impact MISSING has on the lives of children. I am certain that this program will help protect many children from becoming victims of online predators, as well as improve the bonds between communities and law enforcement.”

– Kim Mercer, San Francisco PD, California

“San Francisco has had a small ICAC Unit since 2002. When we were awarded our grant, I was assigned to the Unit to head the education portion and online undercover officer.

For the past 3 years I have been playing the game of MISSING in both the private and public schools. Last year I began bringing the game of MIRROR IMAGE to those same schools because the principals saw such incredible results after playing MISSING. These games are powerful teaching tools.

I have personally taught these games to over 2,000 children in the San Francisco and Bay Area. These interactive computer games show students the grooming and targeting process that predators use. When the students finish the game they are empowered to resist the dangers, recognize the warning signs and know what to do if a predator approaches them. The San Francisco ICAC Unit has proved that the more children and parents we educate, the fewer victims we will have. I attribute our success to Web Wise Kids for making the games of MISSING and MIRROR IMAGE available to all the schools in San Francisco.”

– Retired Chief Alan P. Wolochuk, California Highway Patrol, Northern Division

“Parents need to educate themselves and their children on the dangers of Internet chat rooms—the MISSING Game offered by Web Wise Kids is an excellent place to start.”


Caleb, 12th grade

“The game Missing is designed to alert kids and adults alike to the danger of online predators and how they can manipulate and distort your perceptions. It is a great game and very informative about the threat of online predators and the tactics they employ to commit their crimes.”

– Brian, 8th grade

“I really enjoyed the game. I thought the difficulty level was perfect because it was challenging, but not frustrating. It was very well thought out and it taught me a lesson to be more cautious on the Internet!  Thank you for the great experience!”

– Brooke, 8th grade

“This was a fun and educational game that really makes you use your mind and thinking capabilities. Thank you for letting me have the experience of using this wonderful educational learning program. I now know more about internet safety and will apply the things I learned to myself at home.”

– David, 7th grade

“I really enjoyed the game. I thought it clearly got across the message that it is dangerous to trust people you don’t know. The game was challenging, yet I was able to finish easily enough. It was thoroughly well-thought out. Thank you!”

– Gabriella, 8th Grade

“I thought that it was a great educational program for kids my age; it really taught me what can happen to you if you give out too much information. Thank you.”

– Grayson, 8th grade

“I learned a lot because I didn’t know what could really happen to kids who talk to the wrong person. It was also very fun playing a detective.”

– Jackson, 6th grade

“The MISSING game is awesome!!!  I had a lot of fun playing and Fantasma seemed so real. Thank you for making this game so we could have fun and find out how dangerous the Internet can be at the same time.”

– Jenessa, 8th grade

“Your game MISSING was a very good way to teach children and teens the serious consequences of talking to strangers in chat rooms. It kept me intrigued and I was very determined to find Zack! It was a very good, informative, way to learn about the downsides and dangers of the internet.”