Web Wise Kids’ Programs


judi_productIf you are a parent, teacher, or law enforcement officer who has talked to youth about protecting themselves from online dangers, then you probably know how challenging it can be to get and keep your audience’s attention. What if there was a way that you could present the safety information that your young people need to hear in a format that both you and they could actually get excited about?

Overview of Programs

Web Wise Kids specializes in using the latest technology to teach online safety. We offer challenging and realistic computerized games that have been specially designed to reach young people like yours with the information they need to use the Internet safely.

Each of the detective-style computer games is based on an actual criminal case and is acted out by a live actor. Your students will be glued to their computer screen as they navigate the game – solving a crime, investigating the consequences of the character’s poor choices and reflecting on how the Internet can be abused and how they can protect themselves.

Each program comes ready to use in a computer lab. Just install the games in your computer, give it a trial run, photocopy the student guides and you are all set. No special technology skills are required to implement the programs. Each game includes a guide that parents, teachers and law enforcement officers can use to reinforce safe online behaviors. Home versions of the games are also available.

MISSING is our longest program and provides an introduction to Internet safety to middle school ages and up. It is comprised of six sections that must be completed sequentially. Each section can be completed in 20 to 45 minutes. It is perfect to use if you are hosting an Internet safety week with students. Millions of students have played MISSING and it is among the school resources which meet California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) criteria and are approved for legal compliance.

For older students (ages 13 to 17), the CyberCop Series, including the Mirror Image and AirDogs games are a fantastic way to address issues confronting more mature youth. These two games require only one class period to complete and can be installed on your school’s server.

Each of the games reinforces different Internet safety strategies. They can be used together or independently. Once you see how effective one game is, we know you will want to utilize the entire series.

In It’s Your Call players become a live action character in an interactive movie and are presented with a series of difficult decisions in a slice-of-life context. The teens must make tough decisions and view the consequences of their actions in the game.

Parents, teachers, and older teens who would like more information about protecting themselves on the Internet will enjoy our digital Wired With Wisdom program. Wired With Wisdom is the only one of our products that is not styled like a video game. The lesson modules can be completed and revisited in any order at any time, making it perfect for time-challenged adults to find what they want quickly and easily.