Training Workshops

As an educator or law enforcement officer, you have the unique opportunity to interact with young people and challenge their thinking on Internet safety. To best prepare you to address crucial online issues with your students, Web Wise Kids offers Training Workshops.

Each training workshop has two main goals. The first goal of our training workshops is to provide a crash course on online child victimization and other online dangers affecting your child’s safety. This helpful information will enable you to communicate the importance of Internet safety while preparing you to answer questions, give examples, present safety strategies and reinforce the safety concepts that are presented in our safety games.

The second goal of our training workshops is to demonstrate how to use our safety programs with groups of children. Hands-on instruction in playing the games is provided, reducing the amount of prep work that a teacher will have to do to be ready to guide students through the program.

While training is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Our trainings can be tailored to fit your needs but usually last three hours and are interactive, informative, fast-paced and non-technical. In most cases, trainings must have at least 15 to 25 attendees. For smaller groups in need of training, we can often pair you with other groups in your area who have also requested training.

Our training program can be used to fulfill your Continuing Education requirements.

For more information about trainings, please contact our office or emai our Training Coordinator at [email protected]