WebWiseKids Blog : parentinghttp://wired.webwisekids.org/community/blogs/webwisekids/archive/tags/parenting/default.aspxTags: parentingenCommunityServer 2007 SP2 (Build: 20611.960)Parenting and Social Media Surveyhttp://wired.webwisekids.org/community/blogs/webwisekids/archive/2012/07/05/parenting-and-social-media-survey.aspxFri, 06 Jul 2012 00:13:00 GMT09cf86c2-7053-47e4-82a4-a1ce52311037:219Judi Westberg-Warren, President0http://wired.webwisekids.org/community/blogs/webwisekids/rsscomments.aspx?PostID=219http://wired.webwisekids.org/community/blogs/webwisekids/archive/2012/07/05/parenting-and-social-media-survey.aspx#commentsThe <a href="http://www.idtheftcenter.org/">Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC)</a> recently conducted the Parenting and Social Media Survey to measure the actions of parents in regard to their children’s usage of social media. Mobile device usage by children was also minimally covered in the study. The ITRC conducted this survey in order to better understand how parents try to keep their children safe while using social media. There were 207 responses. <br /><br /> “Children are spending more and more time online, and social media is becoming a larger part of their social lives. It is therefore important to understand how parents are monitoring their children’s usage of social networking sites,” said Nikki Junker, Social Media Coordinator for the <a href="http://www.idtheftcenter.org/">ITRC.</a> “The survey results will help the ITRC in developing informative materials and documents for parents and children to help them navigate their social media experiences safely.” <br /><br /> With Facebook considering allowing children under 13 join its user population, how parents interact with their children regarding social media is going to become more important. It is the ITRC’s hope that the findings of this survey will provide insight on how to improve this important communication. <br /><br /> To view the results of this survey, click <a href="http://www.idtheftcenter.org/artman2/uploads/1/Parenting_and_Social_Media_ITRC_Survey_20120629.pdf">here.</a> <br /><br /> Thank you <a href="http://www.idtheftcenter.org/">Identity Theft Resource Center </a> for putting so much work into procuring this valuable information! <br /><br /><img src="http://wired.webwisekids.org/community/aggbug.aspx?PostID=219" width="1" height="1">internet safetydigital citizenshipidentity theft resource centersocial mediasocial media safetyparentingitrcinternet resources