The i-generation culture

Today’s youth, the i-generation, live in a wonderful world of opportunity! What adults dont really understand is that there really isnt an online and offline world for kids any more --- there is for adults but for kids its ALL online; it’s where kids live today – a digital world.

I heard this really interesting illustration the otherday of a young mother with a 1 year old baby. This mother helps her baby communicate with her husband while he’s at work. She helps her baby send “texts” to her dad. Of course, the text doesnt mean anything, its just garbeled letters on the phone, but dad gets it and he knows that his baby is writing him. So he texts back "I love You" or a short message and the mom reads it to the baby. This is an absolutely incredible method of communication and shows how digital communication is starting at such a young age for kids these days.

Web Wise Kids (WWK) is focusing on the whole entire sphere of their digital lives and educating them to make wise choices and be great, responsible citizens in a digital world. Our mission is to create responsible citizens in a digital world. The teens today are the i-generation. Their whole world is filled with social media. Many times you hear stories in newspapers about the misuse of this media; especially with bullying and sexting. Web Wise Kids want to empower youth, educate them about the consequences of the choices they make and really help them understand this great new digital world they are in. The i-generation needs to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to have a safe and rewarding digital experience – online and offline.

We need for the public to understand that the entire culture of the world has changed. It is a brave new world and we need people to educate themselves and take advantage of the resources that are out there, such as the programs that WWKs offers to really get up to speed on what their kids are involved in now. As I said, it is a completely new world and parents need to be made aware of where their kids are going; what they are experiencing and help them to be responsible citizens.

Published 8/2/2010 by Judi Westberg-Warren, President


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