Should School Bullies Face Criminal Punishment?

Web Wise Kids CEO Joins March 30 Northeastern University Law School Panel

Santa Ana, CA – Judi Westberg Warren believes that bullying should not be classified as a criminal offense. Surprising since she has spent the last 20 years fighting bullying as the President/CEO of Web Wise Kids. Warren was selected to speak on a panel of experts to be held on Friday, March 30 at Northeastern University Law School. The symposium, called “Pushed Too Far: The Evolving Legal Implications Of School Bullying”, features a significant number of experts in the legal profession.

“This is a great opportunity for us to share our view of this issue with such a prestigious group of legal experts” said Web Wise Kids President and CEO Judi Westberg Warren. “I look forward to a provocative and engaging discussion on this important issue”.

The panel is titled: “Should School Bullies Face Criminal Punishment?” and will be part of a full day schedule on the legal implications of school bullying.

Additional panels will include topics like “Hazing in Higher Education” and “Cyberbullying and the First Amendment”. The day will include keynote presentations from David Sullivan, District Attorney for the Northwestern District of Massachusetts and Gary Mayerson, lead counsel for the plaintiffs in the recent case of TK v. New York City Department of Education.

“The Web Wise Kids mission is to teach kids, parents and the community the value of making safe and wise choices in a technologically evolving world,” said Warren. “And I look forward to contributing my voice on this topic with the legal community”.

To learn more about Warren’s stance on the legal implications of school bullying, click this link to watch a short video: http://youtu.be/1ESfPeM9SEQ

About Web Wise Kids:

Web Wise Kids (http://webwisekids.org) is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Southern California with satellite offices in the Northwest and Washington, D.C. Our mission is to empower today’s youth to make wise choices online. Since 2000, Web Wise Kids has been a leader in preventing online child victimization by providing innovative and effective tools to assist young people to flourish in a world of media and technology. Web Wise Kids is honored to be a part of the Federal government’s Project Safe Childhood initiative. Trend Micro, CTIA/The Wireless Foundation and the Verizon Wireless Foundation are trusted supporters of Web Wise Kids.


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