Welcome To Our New Speaker And Trainer

We are excited to introduce our new (official) speaker and trainer for kids online safety – welcome Rommel Anacan!

We are so pleased to welcome Rommel to our team. His dynamic speaking style and ability to reach audiences of any age will help us impact more kids than ever. This is great news for Web Wise Kids and for kids online safety.

This is also great news for any organization that serves kids and needs to better understand both the dangers that exist online and the programs available to help. Each of our programs will now have a strong advocate in Rommel.

One of the programs Rommel will feature in his events will be the new BeSeen game. The game teaches safe habits for social media on sites like Facebook.

If you are an educator or youth director, you can download a free guide to teaching and using BeSeen today!

Rommel’s presentation content is packed with important information and tips to help parents, educators and kids safely navigate the online sites frequented by teens.

More about Rommel:

•Rommel brings an extensive and successful career in sales, management and training – over 20 years of experience! As a trainer he developed a reputation for creating “game-changing” programs through the use of relevant metaphors, personal life experiences and a funny and entertaining “stand-up training” presentation method.

•He is the president of The Relationship Difference, a corporate training and consulting firm, and is the author of the e-book The Viral Video Difference.

•During his free time Rommel loves watching sports, reads mostly non-fiction books, enjoys photography and likes to sing and write songs. He lives in Orange County, California with his lovely wife Kacy, daughter Charis and a tabby cat named Gabby.

Our mission - to teach kids, parents and the community the value of making safe and wise choices in a technologically evolving world – is so important to us. We look forward to the positive role Rommel will play in helping us achieve our mission within the youth-serving organizations throughout the world!

You can learn more about our training programs and schedule a training session or workshop today by visiting our kids online safety speaking page at webwisekids.org.

We look forward to your feedback on this exciting new outreach program.

Published 4/6/2012 by Judi Westberg-Warren, President


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