Keynote Presentations on Internet Safety

Among our many initiatives to help educate youth about Internet safety, Web Wise Kids also offers keynote presentations for organizations, parents and educators. For one to two hours, our speakers will come to your next meeting or event and share our knowledge about how to teach our children to be safe in our technologically evolving world.

We have been working for years to help educate parents about what it means to be safe online. Our speakers deliver a powerful message on Internet safety, specifically for parents. We discuss key steps to keeping your kids safe online, and also share powerful statistics on how kids are using the Internet through a wide variety of devices including mobile phones, iPads and iPods. We also have fun, informative and interactive presentations specifically for kids. The presentations challenge kids to think differently, and leave them knowing how to make better choices online.

We are proud to welcome our newest speaker, Rommel Anacan. Anacan is a trainer for Web Wise Kids and represents the organization through speaking and presenting at community and educational events. You can watch Anacan speak about his new position at Web Wise Kids by watching the following video.

Anacan will also be emphasizing on teaching the new BeSeen curriculum materials for teachers and parents.

To learn more about our speaking services or to book a Web Wise Kids speaker for your next meeting or event contact please email us at [email protected]


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