BeSeen Classroom Materials a Hit!

Our new BeSeen program that provides downloadable lesson plans – complete with handouts, worksheets, instructional videos, and 12 lesson plans-- allows educators, youth directors and parents to instantly begin sharing the benefits of BeSeen with their kids.

So far, the materials have been downloaded 65 times in 20 states and five countries (hello to our friends across the US and in South Africa, the UK, Peru and Canada)!

These classroom materials give teachers a step-by-step guide for leading students through the materials. We designed them to help facilitate discussions and dialogue with your students as they are playing the game. BeSeen is a valuable learning tool – but it is also fun for kids!

We hope that those who have downloaded our materials have found them useful so far, and that other parents and educators will continue to download and use our BeSeen materials.

You can download our BeSeen Classroom Materials for FREE here!


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