BeSeen Beneficial to Teachers and Educators, too!

We designed our BeSeen app to teach youth about how to safely navigate their way through social networks online. BeSeen simulates a social network and immerses youth in situations that are much like what they will encounter, or already dealing with, in real life.

But we also designed BeSeen with teachers and educators in mind, too. Teachers are unfortunately also dealing with many of the same online issues as their students, and having to respond to the matters at hand. BeSeen gives teachers an effective and positive tool to teach their students how to be online in a safe and responsible manner.

We created supplemental BeSeen Classroom Materials especially for teachers and educators to use and help guide their students through the game in order to maximize their learning experiences. Teachers from all over the world are raving about our BeSeen Classroom Materials; Magaret A. from Berkley, CA, says, “I appreciate the resources made available to teachers”, and Sylvia from El Paso, TX, says, “I plan on using your information to update my presentations and to continue making education fun.”

To download your free BeSeen Classroom Materials, please visit http://webwisekids.org/usa


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