BeSeen Has Global Appeal!

You Said It. BeSeen Has Global Appeal!

Word Is Spreading About The New BeSeen Lesson Materials!
Its only been a few weeks since we created a download page for the new BeSeen lesson materials on the Web Wise Kids website. But in that short time, heres what weve seen:

* We had 110 downloads of the complete lesson materials which will now start filtering through families, teachers and youth directors around the world - over 11,000 impressions!

* In the U.S., the materials were downloaded in 30 states!

* Overall, we had recent downloads in 8 different countries including South Africa,Peru, Canada, Nigeria, Columbia, United Kingdom and New Zealand! If you are among this group, thank you for being one of the first to begin formally teaching online safety via the BeSeen game. And be sure to share your feedback with us at [email protected].

Heres What You Are Saying About BeSeen!
"I work for law enforcement and go to all schools in the county and most of the city to discuss various topics, including on-line safety. I plan on using your information to update my presentations and to continue makng education fun." --- El Paso,TX
"Cant wait to see this one - we use Missing and love it need it for newer computers or iPads. --- Ft. Clahoun, NE
"Loved using the Missing Game and thrilled you came out with something new :)" ---Tolland, CT
"I appreciate these resources made available to teachers...." --- Berkeley, CA
"Anxious to try this app and offer it to students. Thank you!" --- Tustin, CA
"Hey, I didnt know about this app!!!!" --- Penn Laird, VA
"I want teach my students how to be safe on social media. I dont speak English, but Im working with the teachers on ESL." --- Santiago, Chile
"We would like to build in a link to these materials from our site. This and BeSeen would fit into our Digital Citizenship section really well" --- Clinton Twp, MI

Thank you for all this feedback and positive encouragement! We are so excited to see where you take BeSeen over the coming weeks. Who can you share BeSeen with today?


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