"Wired With Wisdom" Parent Program Now Available in Spanish!

Weve just released a Spanish version of “Wired with Wisdom"! Now, Hispanic parents have a resource that can give them the necessary knowledge and skills to supervise the digital activities of their children.

Parents need to acknowledge the accessibility that wireless and broadband advancements are placing on their children’s mobile devices. Wired With Wisdom is the first internet safety education program designed to increase Hispanic parent awareness of cyber safety issues. The “Wired with Wisdom” program is divided into 5 components: social networking, online communications, cell phone dangers, emerging technology, and chat rooms & instant messaging safety. Each component is a 20 minute seminar that advises parents on the dangers of cyber-bullying, inappropriate online behavior, sexting, and more. Starting this month, the Orange County Department of Education will be piloting the program to all schools servicing students in grades 6, 7, and 8.

Our English version of “Wired with Wisdom” has been around for years and has undergone upgrading several times. We were inspired to develop a Spanish version of the program when we realized that language barriers have made it increasingly difficult for Spanish speaking parents to have access to internet safety programs. Statistics have shown that the Hispanic youth spend more time on mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets, than other students. The lack of educational programs for the parents leaves their children at a higher risk of engaging in negative online behavior. To confront this challenge, we partnered with the Entertainment Software Association Foundation and created the Spanish version using all Latino actors and voice talent.

Were so excited to be expanding our resources across multiple language barriers, and to help more parents educate themselves on how to in turn educate their children.

To learn more about the Spanish version of Wired With Wisdom, please click here.


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