Five Technology Skills Every Student Should Learn

eSchoolNews recently wrote an article about the top five technology skills every student should learn, and we couldn’t agree more with what they said!

In the article, eSchoolNews talks about crucial technology skills kids should know: Online literacy, critical thinking, the science behind technology, adaptability and courage.

Web Wise Kids games embodies all of these themes-- we strive to educate kids about technology so that they can be smart about their decisions every day. Technology is an ever growing force in in todays society, and we cant stop it, but what we can do is teach our kids how to properly harness technology in ways that are more productive and beneficial to their lives.

Were so happy that eSchoolNews recognizes these skills that every student should learn, because we agree that they are crucial in the development of our children in this day and age. We hope to continue to create games and programs that will serve the next generation as tools for growth and success.


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