BeSeen App: Training Wheels for Social Networks

Have your children played our BeSeen app yet?

BeSeen is our free mobile app designed to simulate an online social network for kids. By playing BeSeen, youth can subliminally learn how to be responsible on social networks through navigating fictional situations that test their judgment on private and personal information, protecting their online reputation and defending their peers. The situations reflect real-life situations, making BeSeen a great way to introduce kids to social networks.

Watch and learn more about how our BeSeen app is a great "training wheels" program for your kids!


# re: BeSeen App: Training Wheels for Social Networks

I think this app would be a great resource and tool to use both in and out of the classroom.  Kids learn through role play and modeling so I think this would make a great impact among the students and "hit home" for the majority of the students.  I think that using technology to teach students how to be safe would generate a lot of interest and among the students as well as keep them engaged.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 10:09 AM by Amy Fluegel

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